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Working From Home With Distractions – Our Expert Tips

Our tips and tricks for working from home will help to keep you distraction-free. Find out more here!

My fiance is a teacher. So, much of the year I work while he is gone at school. And then, when he lesson plans at night, I take out my laptop and prepare for the next day as well. But, those weeks when he is off work and on a break it is hard to keep focus. Not just because he’s around and wants me to hang out and chat with him, but because I really want to be hanging out with him too. And, this isn’t a new romance sort of “I want to hang out with you because you’re so cute” sort of thing. We’ve been together for almost 7-years and are out of that gushy phase. But, it is because hanging out is just so damn nice.

Create A Dedicated Office Space At Home

So, when your guard is down and all you want to do is go hang out with your family, or throw a ball with your pup, how do you stay focused on the work ahead? The answer is simple. Have a dedicated office space, and try to remove all distractions from it.

Where To Set Up Your Home Desk

Now, I know not all of us can have an office in our homes. Maybe your extra bedrooms are filled with little ones or roommates, or maybe you only have one bedroom or a studio. In our last place, we had a bedroom and a big open-space living area. So, I get it. I mean, I really get it. But, what I was able to do was carve a tiny area out of our living room that acted as an office. I got an affordable desk and desk chair, decorated with my favorite little Target finds, and my office was born. Even though I was out in the open and the perfect target for distraction, having that space allowed for me to hone in and get to work.

Why You Should Have A Dedicated Work Space

Fast forward, and now we are lucky to have an office space that we can close the door and shut out distractions in. If you are starting the work from home journey, I implore you to not work on your couch, your kitchen table, your bed, or anywhere else. Grab a desk, or carve out a space, and make it only for work. Not only does this help you avoid distractions, but it also helps you to be able to shut off work at the end of the day and enjoy those distractions you love so much.

Tips To Stay Laser-Focused

I have mastered this over the past four years. And, the lessons came with bumps in the road. I learned that I do best with my white noise machine or a classical track playing on my desk. It helps me to cancel out all of the other things going on around the home, and stay laser-focused on the task ahead. For you, complete silence might be just the trick. Try and make your office space uniquely yours, and don’t stop until your productivity starts to surprise you. That’s when you know you’ve found your secret WFH sauce.

What’s your workspace like? Share a picture with us in the comments below and give us your best tip on staying distraction-free.