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The Home Office Of Asha Mody, Owner of Mindsy

Need some home studio design inspiration? Check out the office of business owner, Asha Mody.

Our name is Mindsy—it’s a nod to what we believe in: a mindful, conscious approach to serving our clients. We have taken that same approach to create our workspace in my home in San Diego, California.

My Home Office Layout

The overall layout of my home office is simple yet elegant, clean, decluttered, and mindfully created. This space is my reminder to slow down when I get confused, challenged, or come up against uncomfortable situations. Being intentional about infusing joyful energy into my workspace has made an enormous difference in what I produce, my creative ideas, and strategic solutions. 

Asha working with fun frames in the background

The Importance Of Design

The beauty of the place that you live in, study in, work, and dine has been proven to affect your mental processing speed, creativity, tranquility, and quality of output. So we have infused a sunny and cozy vibe into our home office design.

My Work From Home Rules

 Besides my workspace, I have other WFH rules that I abide by.

  • If you win the morning, you win the day! 
  •  Unleash massive energy and productivity in the first hour of your day with the 20 + 20 + 20 rule (Exercise + Journaling Goals + Read)
  • Clearly separate your work and personal time
  • She who stands is more spirited (don’t get stuck sitting on the chair).
  • Listening to music generates focus and drives you in momentum.

What does your workspace look like? Share it with us on our home page or send us an email at Let’s inspire one another with our home office spaces!

This article was written by Asha Mody, the owner of Mindsy. Her San Diego design studio focuses on purposeful brand package and design.