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Keeping The Body And Mind Fit With At-Home Workouts

Jordan Harper stopped by our blog to give us an incredible workout to add to our work from home routine. Check out his at-home workout here.

Jordan Harder, founder of Harder Performance, shares his at-home workout tips to improve your time in quarantine both mentally and physically.

I’ve heard it all about working out from home. You can’t get lean while working out from home… You can’t build muscle without going to the gym… you can’t. you can’t. you can’t.

While none of these are true, it is true we have to change how we train when we’re working out at home. I agree it is easier to train at a gym. It is more motivating to go to the gym. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do fitness altogether while in lockdown.

Working out while in quarantine has just as much to do with the mind as it does with the body. Because the body is connected to the mind, we can get so many benefits from a good at-home workout, including increased focus, stress relief, improved sleep, and overall mood boosts.

It doesn’t matter if you’re training for a long term goal or just starting your fitness journey. Training will improve your time in quarantine both mentally and physically.

Check out the bodyweight workout below to get your body and mind revved up today.


The warm-up is the most important part of the workout, especially if you’ve been hunched over the computer working all day.

We will take some time to open up the shoulders and hips, to optimize our positions when we train.

Go through the warm-up twice, spending 45 seconds on each movement.

1 | Squat To Stand

Hook your hands underneath your toes and actively pull yourself to the bottom of the squat.

Make sure to only go as far as your heels stay on the ground. To get a little extra out of the hips, drive your elbow into your knee.

2 | Shin Box

This is a wonderful hip and spine mobility drill. Open up your legs as far as you can from one another, pretend they are allergic to one another. Sit tall through the spine and practice perfect posture.

3 | Down Dog With Knee Grab

We want to push the ground away and open up the shoulders and spine. Keep the knees soft and exhale as you drive into the ground. Keep the shoulders away from the ears.

Now that we are all warmed up, let’s get into the main workout.

We will be performing this workout with 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest between movements. Go through each exercise in sequence. We will go through the full cycle 2-4 times depending on time restrictions and fitness levels.

Sumo Squat

● Keep The Spine Vertical
● Wide Base – Pull Hips To Ankles
● Drive Through Heels

Lateral Lunge

● Knee Caps Forward
● Sit Back
● Drive To Stand Tall

Kick Through

● Kick Leg Across Body
● Allow Shoulder To Turn As needed
● Keep Hips Low

Frog Push Up

● Kneels Sprawl Flare Outward As You Lower
● Keep Spine Flat
● Push Back To Center Position

Dead Bug Band Pull Apart

● Low Back Digs Into Ground
● Ribs Down
● Pull To Each Side Of Room

Try to get 20 reps of each exercise in the time allotted.

Spend 3-5 minutes focusing on full breathes after the workout. I recommend putting your feet up on the couch and laying on your back. This is a great way to calm down after a workout.

If you want more workout ideas head over to Harder Performance on Facebook, or Harder.Performance on Instagram and follow along.

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This article was written by Jordan Harder, founder of Harder Performance.