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How To Keep A WFH Self-Care Routine

We asked RN and Telephonic Care Manager, Danielle Baker, how she keeps her self-care as her top priority while working from home.

With the Corona-19 Virus taking its toll on the United States, many people have been forced to now work from home. Luckily for me, I have always worked from home as a telephonic care manager and registered nurse and did not need to adjust my schedule much.

Several people have asked me what tips I have for those who are just starting their work from home career. I know that working from home sounds wonderful (and it is!), but it certainly takes discipline.

1 | Keep A Schedule

I try to keep to the same schedule daily if I can. I feel better with more of a routine. I wake up at the same time every day, workout, get ready, and sign in to work. Working out before work wakes me up, gives me energy, and ensures that I have at least tackled that for the day.

2 | Change Your Clothes

I also believe it is important to change out of your pajamas! It is so easy to roll out of bed and go to work, but that does not put you in a good mindset for the workday.

3 | Take Your Breaks

I always ensure that I take my allotted breaks and leave my “office.” I do not allow distractions in my “office.” Which means no TV, music, or cellphone. Trust me, it is so easy to lose an hour of work by simply checking social media.

4 | Stay Active During The Day

Another tip I have is to stay active during the day. I try to get at least 500 steps per hour by simply jogging in place. I am sure I look like an idiot, but sitting for prolonged periods can lead to heart disease. Not to pull the nurse card, but sitting for just two hours can drop your good cholesterol by 20%, decrease blood flow/circulation, increase blood sugar, and slow metabolism by 25%-50%. Learning that, I certainly did not want to be a statistic, so I’ll look like an idiot and jog in place. My work also encourages us to do team challenges like drinking a certain amount of water throughout the workday and getting a daily amount of steps. Most recently, each day of the week is assigned a color of the rainbow, and we are asked to eat fruit, veggies, or both, that color.

No matter what, you have to get creative. Self-care is so important during this time and while working from home. In addition, remember: before taking care of others, we must first remember to take care of ourselves.

Danielle Baker is an RN and Telaphonic Nurse for Humana At Home. She is a wellness enthusiast and WFHer for 6 years.