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How To Decorate A Home Office Guest Room

Multi-functional spaces are key if you have a small home, or just one spare room. Today, we wanted to highlight how to decorate a home office guest room!

Our house is less than 800 square feet and has just two bedrooms. Since I already worked from home when we moved here in 2013, it was obvious one of the bedrooms would be my office.

But, with a lot of out-of-town family and friends frequently visiting us in San Diego, we knew the office would also need to function as a guest room as well.

Our home office guest room is in a small space, only about 10×12, so we knew we’d have to find just the right furniture to make it work. It’s taken a number of years and iterations to find the perfect pieces for our small space, but I’m delighted with how it’s evolved and how functional it is. It even triples as my home gym!

1 | The Office Component

The most important use of the space is the office, since that was used daily for 6 years until our new office space was built-out on our property.

I purchased a Fully Jarvis standing desk before standing desks were so trendy. The impact this desk has had on my posture and productivity is remarkable. I highly recommend anyone beginning to set up their home office start with a good standing desk.

A standing desk with adjustable (and programmable) heights for sitting and standing ensures you have just the right heights for ergonomics – keeping your posture and health a priority.

On the same note, it’s important to have your computer screen at the correct height as well. I use an ultrawide monitor that can be adjusted up and down and forward and back, whether I’m sitting or standing.

I love the desk and ultra-wide monitor so much, we ended up using the same products (though slightly newer models!) when we designed our new office space.

For functional decor, we have a wall mounted bookshelf from CB2 that has a very thin profile – only 12 inches. It barely takes up any space, but boasts a ton of storage. I store all my reference books here for work but also have a few design elements like potted plants to add some decoration.

Other products we use in the space:
CB2 3-drawer filing cabinet

2 | The Guest Room Component

Behind my desk along the parallel wall, we have a Daybed that doubles as a bed and storage. We went with IKEA’s HEMNES Daybed for its size and versatility.

When collapsed, it’s a Twin size bed with two mattresses on top of each other. When expanded, it’s a King size bed with the mattresses side-by-side. In either configuration, there are 3 sizeable drawers to store linens, and in my case, office supplies!

We keep the bed collapsed normally and it’s a great place to sit and take a break from work for a few minutes. In video conference calls, it’s a nice backdrop since it’s more couch-like so it doesn’t appear as though we’re in a bedroom.

Behind the bed we have a set of three floating shelves from CB2 to add some design in addition to functionality for housing work-related items or decorative pieces.

3 | Bonus: The Home-Gym Component

A couple years ago I started working out solely from home and purchased some gym equipment including a bench and some free weights. When the bed is collapsed and the desk is chair-less in its standing configuration, there is plenty of space to roll out a yoga mat or break out the bench and free weights.

It’s amazing just how versatile this small space can be with the right sized furniture to make it functional and meet each need.

The key to multi-functional spaces is minimalism. Have just what you need for each use – this will keep you productive in your home office and provide more usable space for your guests when the space transitions to a guest room.