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Correct Your Computer Posture With Robin Taylor

Sitting at your desk all day? Check out this at-home bodyweight workout to help correct your computer posture.

Working from home causes a lot of us to sit in place at our desks for hours on end. So, we’ve asked fitness expert and gym owner Robin Taylor of MVMT Studio to give us a little advice about how to correct our posture on the computer. 

Experiencing Computer Posture

Computer posture is a pain in the neck, back, and butt.

Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Bad? Ok: Sitting or standing in front of a computer all day when working from home can really mess with your mobility, stability, and strength (think: neck pain, tight hips, shoulder aches, back pain).

Ready for the good news? I have a simple at-home workout formula that will start to undo those painful patterns. But first, we need to understand what’s happening with “Computer-Posture.”

What Happens When You Sit At Your Computer

Upper Body

Back muscles become long and weak from forward-rounding shoulders. Chest muscles become super tight from the same forward-lean of hunching over your keyboard. Arms (meant for reaching, pushing, pulling) are kept in a static, bent position. Hands (meant to move in all planes of motion) are stuck in a claw-like position over our keyboards.

Lower Body

Hip flexors (meant to contract and lengthen with each step) are chronically contracted in a seated position. Your butt muscles (the prime movers of our lower body) become lengthened and weak.

How To Correct Your Posture With An At-Home Workout

It’s important to recognize that there is no quick fix to correct this – after all, it took years for these patterns to develop. But if you start thinking about your at-home workout as a chance to undo those dysfunctional posture patterns, you’ll start seeing the benefits right away. And because I’m a fan of keeping my workouts simple, I can sum up your work in three words: Push, Pull, Butt (yup, butt).

PULL. PUSH. Do Something For Your BUTT. 

Consistently applying those principles will begin to change your posture—no doubt about it. And while there are a million different ways to approach at-home workouts, I believe in keeping it simple.

The Push & Pull

Push-ups are just about as perfect as any exercise gets, but form matters! Contract your core, squeeze your butt and breathe through the PULL to the earth, then PUSH to the sky. Use an elevated surface (like your desk or countertop) if you’re just starting out so that you can really perfect the movement.

The Butt

 Squats and Lunges are money-makers for your lower body! Think about sitting back into a chair on that squat—not letting your knees jut out over your toes, keeping feet flat on the ground. You lunge every time you walk up and down stairs—think about engaging your glutes and pushing off your heel.

Add in a few upper-body mobility moves like No-Money’s and Wall Angels, and you’ve got a short and effective workout! And most importantly, one that will re-work your “computer-posture” bod!

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