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Office Space Share: New WFHers Adapt In Chicago

Before COVID-19, both my husband and I worked a short city commute from our apartment. I walked to work and my husband took the L.¬†We live in a 670 square foot 1-bedroom apartment in a high rise in Chicago with our two cats. How We’ve Adapted During our first week of working from home, I […]


A Mid-Day Stretch At Your Desk

Our neck and shoulders get tight as we hunch at our desks all day. We have put together a mid-day stretch at your desk for you to try today!

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Keeping The Body And Mind Fit With At-Home Workouts

Jordan Harper stopped by our blog to give us an incredible workout to add to our work from home routine. Check out his at-home workout here.

Resources Self-Care Work From Home Tips

How To Keep A WFH Self-Care Routine

We asked RN and Telephonic Care Manager, Danielle Baker, how she keeps her self-care as her top priority while working from home.

Self-Care Work From Home Tips

Nail Down Your At-Home Skincare Routine and Make Your Own DIY Mask

Nail down your skin care routine with these tips from San Diego esthetician, Debbie Burgeson, and learn how to make a DIY face mask for your skin type!