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7 Work From Home Essentials You Need In Your Home Office

We put together these 7 work from home essentials to help you navigate your work from home experience. Find out more here!

Now that many of us have settled into our new realities of working from home, we can start to hone in on the perfect at-home set up. Well, at least pretty darn close. For us, it took a while to find that perfect mix of inspiration and utilization in our offices. Thanks to incredible resources, like our interior designers and work from home communities, we have been able to tap into some of the very best work from home essentials, and we want to share them with you.

1 | The Desk

This is a big one, folks. For me, I have been working from home now for 3.5 years, and I have rifled through 5 different home office desks! At first, I just needed something that fit in my budget, so I found a hand made desk at a market for about 20 dollars and used that baby for a year. The only problem was, the dimensions were off. My chair was too tall for the desk, the desk was too wide for my poor vision—it was odd. So, then I moved on. My budget this time wasn’t much higher, so I purchased a home office desk from an online furniture store. Same feelings about the desk different issues. And so on and so forth until I found the holy grail of desks for me personally, which was Jarvis

This bad boy isn’t cheap. In fact, before I made this purchase, I bothered a friend of mine with three of them at her home office with every question I had. Then, when I felt like I was becoming overbearing, I called their support team. With a gulp, panic sweats, and a lot of resistance, I made the order. When the desk came, I was okay with it but not blown away. Little did I know that the ability to sit and stand while I work would change my productivity and the way I view self-care when working from home. So, check out desks that fit your lifestyle. Stand-up desks are an excellent option. Then, think about your budget and research reviews. We highly recommend the Jarvis desk. Between the 2 of us founders, we have four of them!

2 | The Monitors

One thing I loved about my office job was my computer setup. I had two huge monitors, and as a writer and content creator, it was beneficial to have my research on one screen and my writing on the other. But, with budget constraints, I decided I did not need another monitor for the first few years of venturing on my own. In hindsight, that was silly. I spent hours navigating between tabs, forgetting what I read, having to go back and forth, and on and on when I could have just shelled out $100 and saved myself a lot of time and energy. In fact, the first monitor I got was free on craigslist! So, you don’t have to break the bank to get the home office furniture you need. Many people are cycling through their home office essentials every day in search of the next best thing. And I am certainly not ashamed to grab their lightly used essentials!

3 | The Chair

If there is anything you should spend money on, it should be your chair. This is the most essential piece of home office furniture. Our backs and bootys weren’t meant for full days of sitting and slouching over a monitor. And, one benefit of working in an office is that their budget for chairs with lumbar support are much large than most of ours. If you opted for the stand-up desk, this might not be as essential as you can choose to stand when you get uncomfortable. But, if you are like the millions of us at sit-down desks, consider one of these options. 

A photo of two black jarvis desks with notebooks, nice office chairs, filing cabinets and an extra screen—all of the work from home essentials

4 | The Mug

Y’all, there’s nothing better than drinking your favorite cup of coffee or tea out of your mug. In an office, you typically have that one mug you reach for in the morning that no one else grabs because it basically belongs to y-o-u. I have found that having my own mug that I reach for every day brings me this weird tinge of happiness, normalcy, and triggers my brain to say, let’s get after it! You can find adorable mugs and other home office supplies online.

5 | The Task App

To keep your new time blocking schedule on track, a task app can be a perfect help. Believe me when I say that I have tried them all. My agency partners all know my feelings about these apps. But, after being encouraged to give one a try from Noble Intent Studio, my Zettist team has fallen in love with Redbooth. It allows you to share files, create tasks, mark their progress, comment and have conversations under a task, create subtasks, and even tracks your time, which is very important to us for our projects. But, I believe task management systems are unique to your needs. Try Redbooth’s free trial, then try Monday, Basecamp, or any other software you’d like and see which works best for your specific needs.

6 | The Planner

I recently chatted with my friend, Tami Ohlfest, about working from home. She shared that she starts every day by writing down her intentions for the day in her planner. And I had never really done that before. I journal, I create to-do lists, I practice gratitude, but not my intentions. Once she told me how that transformed her work from home experience, I gave it a try. I dusted off a cute notebook that has been laying around and started writing my intentions. While I don’t precisely know Tami’s process, the one I created goes a little something like this. 

  1. What do you want to accomplish today?
  2. How will you focus on self-care today? 
  3. How will you show a client or agency partner that you care for them today?
  4. What is your positive mantra of the day?

Once I establish those, it really helps me to begin my time blocking, and feel so grateful for the opportunities at hand.

7 | The Filing Cabinet

Look. I say this from experience in never owning a filing cabinet. It is essential. In fact, I have been scouring the internet for one that would fit all of my stuff for weeks now. Honestly, I haven’t found one that I want. For the time being, I have file boxes piled in my home office. It is unsightly and more difficult in general. Having a file cabinet will allow you to organize your documents into client folders, or have a hub to collect your thoughts in an organized manner. For years I thought my bookshelf would be enough, but it is not. It is essential to have a place to lock away sensitive documents and still have them easily accessible. So, grab a file folder. And then send us the link! I would love to see which file cabinets work the best for you.

A book shelf and filing cabinet in one mid century modern piece

As you navigate your new work from home schedule, we hope to be a helpful resource. These work from home essentials will help you get on track for a successful work from home life. If you would like to share your experience with us, send us a message! We would love to hear from you.